Kevan Suchit
Kevan Owner of Codewithkevan, former web design intern, full time web developer and student in computing. "New journeys can be scary but its always worth the effort in the end".

COVID-19 Impact

It is without a doubt COVID-19 has tormented the world in a wide variety of ways. You, reading this most likely have been affected by this pandemic or know someone who has been.

For small businesses COVID-19 took a toll on customer chemistry and sales. Stores went from temporary closure to permanent closure, doors went shut and products suffered in dust. Businesses with the resources to withstand the impact continued on but it was not just that.

There is one major reason why these businesses can weather such storm. They adpated in a way of still connecting to customers online. Establishing online presence, maintaining all of its assets and keeping up to date with current and new trends has kept them going.

Online assets refer to all of your social accounts, its activity, content and targeted audience, digital connections, website and much more in the mix. This is how several companies globally have remodeled themselves, if you or someone you know needs assistance with this get in touch with Cwk.

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