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You have a power. The power to educate and persuade. By filling this form out you give me the opportunity to develop a very useful hybrid application. The form can be completed in 3-5 minutes and your response would be greatly appreciated! Non-Consensual Acts Against Women

Non-Consensual Acts Against Women

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Women face these daily struggles verbally, visually and any other way of force to non-consensual acts. Mothers, sisters, cousins, nieces, daughters and grand daughters they are all meeting negative actions that they do not want. It has been ongoing for decades even centuries and unfortunately may continue to. Women are the start of our lives, all humans came from the womb of a female. They nurtured and helped us understand our world.

We were shown love, supported and cared from the moment we made our entrances into earth. So many beautiful women make up our planet, and so many amazing improvements are being done by women who appreciate their importance. They have a significant impact on people's lives. It's not about how cute they appear on any particular day or how they carry themselves whenever we see them. Females are so much more than this, they offer us and sacrifice an incredible amount of time to ensure we can survive and blossom into exceptional leaders, doctors, engineers, technologists, fathers and mothers. They have guided and protected us in the physical world, walked aside us, laughed and shared joy with us but we've failed them.

Sexual assault, abuse and harassment to name a few all forced upon the female species. The start of our life, apart of all of us leaders, activists, protectors, life savers, educators they have been unfairly attacked. Babies and toddlers affected by this disease, preyed upon teenage girls taken and brutally assaulted. How much more are they to live with? we can be this change, we can encourage and educate each other against this danger that lives amongst us. Our generation has the power to completely adjust the way things work, let's use this to our advantage.

I've began building a special app to assist in decreasing the amount of horror case we hear everyday. Please consider filling this google form out as it would be vital in my decision making process for how the apps looks and works. Non-Consensual Acts Against Women

Whether the abuser is someone you date, a current or former husband, boyfriend, or girlfriend, a family member, an acquaintance, or a stranger, violence against women is always unacceptable and should never be taken as lighlty as we currently do. Sexual assault, abuse and harrasment are very traumatic, with long-term health and well-being consequences for the victim. Women who have been the victims of intimate partner abuse are more likely to struggle with alcoholism, depression, and HIV and other sexually transmitted infections. The issue branches into other harmful and detrimental problems.

The females in our society continue to be tormented, they will have to constantly watch over their shoulders and wonder who is behind them. This worry and fear survives and lives within them each day and we must do our part in preventing this issue from occurring. I decided to create an app, a community for everyone including ALL genders to help each other understand these issues and motivate our fellow members to act against these issues. Collecting data on this topic would get me started on creating and publishing this application. Non-Consensual Acts Against Women

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