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Kevan Owner of Codewithkevan, former web design intern, full time web developer and student in computing. "New journeys can be scary but its always worth the effort in the end".

Different Types of Websites

Types of Websites

There are many different types of websites that serves a purpose for each of its existence. Blog websites just as you are viewing right now are made for the purpose of connecting an audience to a business, pushing information of interest to the world and keeping checking of progression. Portfolio/CV websites are used to keep a trail of projects you've created, your qualifications, skills and experience. In fact, persons with portfolio websites tend to get more attention by employers.

Business websites provide a sense of professionalism to a company people are more likely to contact an establishment and proceed with sale due to the ease of seeing what a business is showcasing and getting in touch. E-commerce websites, one of the more famous ones activates a gateway for potential clients to make a quick purchase of one of your products. Non-profit websites are pretty straight forward as is, this particular type of website provides a means of donation to the organization.

Those are just a few types of websites, getting a website can never really go wrong unless you've engaged with bad customer service or some other unfortunate circumstance. However, you can get a website for anything that you have an idea for, there are different designs to suit each. Get a quote for your next project or Contact Kevan.

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